"Take flight with precision and clarity. Our aviation headset delivers communication and comfort at soaring heights, ensuring every word and command is heard with crystal clarity, even above the clouds."

LT-100A Series Specification


“Elevate your gaming experience with breathtaking sound quality. Our gaming headset brings every detail to life, from the softest whispers to the thunderous explosions, making your virtual adventures truly epic.”

  • ANR Active noise reduction headset with electret microphone
  • Active noise reduction ratings (NRR): 29dB
  • Passive noise reduction ratings (NRR): 23dB

“Power up your gaming sessions with marathon-level endurance. Our gaming headset’s exceptional battery life ensures you’re never sidelined by low power, so you can conquer virtual worlds without interruption.”

  • U174/U Plug for helicopters
  • 3.5mm audio jack for music
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