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Top-class headset solution for call centers, education and gaming from Livey

December 18th, 2022: Livey presents the collection of the best-in-class headsets for professionals and students. The latest entries of high-quality wired and wireless models in this segment from this brand have made life easier for users. All the headsets are packed with modern features that perfectly match users’ current requirements.

One brilliant example is the Savvy LT-410DU USB Headset. It comes with a USB cord offering a world-class stereo experience. The sound quality is crystal clear whether a user is attending a call or listening to music for hours. It is compatible with laptops, computers and smart devices with USB ports.

You can rotate the speakers 90° degrees and tilt the microphone to 270° degrees to set the headset according to a user’s convenience. It has an analog control panel with switches to increase or decrease sound volume and disengage the microphone or speaker. This headset also comes with exclusive noise-cancelling features to make calls easier.

Another entry in the wired category is the Stellar LT-510DU USB Headset. It is an affordable headset designed for professionals who work for hours online. Students and academicians will also find this model user-friendly and easier to integrate with an intelligent system.

There are multiple choices a user can find in the infirmary of Livey. All the headsets are designed by focusing on the specific industry requirements. The headsets are sturdier in construction and come with top-quality comfort features, keeping relentless use and seamless communication in mind.

Apart from wired headsets, Livey also manufactures and supplies wireless headsets for business operations, study and gaming. These headsets have top-notch noise cancellation features along with Bluetooth V5.1 or higher versions of technology for seamless connectivity with smart devices.

To know more about headset solution for call centers, education and gaming, visit https://livey.us/ and check out our innovative and unified communication devices and voice solutions.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Headset – All You Need to Know

What is better, a wireless or wired pair of headsets? It seems to be a never-ending debate between two sets of admirers. Yes, wireless headphones are something we use in the modern digital world, but they also have some drawbacks.

Also, the use of a wireless headset decides the pros and cons. For instance, a wireless entertainment headset differs from one used on professional grounds.

Let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of a  wireless office headset.

Pros of a wireless office headset

1.                  No cables, no entanglement!

Forget the hassles of cables every day. Connecting the ports by solving the puzzling tangled wires is one irritating job you can avoid by using wireless headsets in your office. It saves a lot of time too. Cords offer a limited length of reach and restrict your movement. On the contrary, Bluetooth headphones are ideal for moving around without compromising sound clarity, transmission and noise due to their Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

2.                  Portable features

Wireless headphones and headsets are easily portable when compared to wired ones. Winding up the cord once done and unwinding the next day is one hectic task.

3.                  Unique features of wireless Bluetooth office headsets

The latest Bluetooth V5.1 and above lets you connect a wireless pair of headsets with multiple devices simultaneously. There is no need to switch headphones between calls and meetings. The software interface allows you to easily integrate such headsets and switch from one platform to another.

4.                  Low-latency wireless transmission

The headsets with Bluetooth V5.1 and higher do not lag and show high-latency drawbacks. Even HD calls are transferred smoothly to the earpieces; the same happens from the microphone to the audience.

Cons of wireless office headsets

1.                  Unreliable audio transmission

Unless a wireless office headset comes with Bluetooth V5.1 and higher, wireless headsets might face audio transmission issues. Signals might crack due to interference and obstacles.

2.                  Latency issues

The previous generation of wireless headsets suffers from latency issues resulting in late transmission of sounds to both ends. There is no latency issue using the highest version of Bluetooth and AI-based interface of the headsets.

3.                  Heavier than wired headsets

A wireless headset will be heavier than a standard headset. It has to pack batteries allowing you to speak for hours by running the hardware correctly.

4.                  Charging issues

Wireless Bluetooth office headsets need charging regularly. Even though modern headsets can serve 40 hours straight with a high standby time, you will still need to set them regularly for a seamless experience.


You can address the cons of a wireless office headset with proper hardware and software setup. Most organizations rely on top-class Bluetooth office headsets with AI-based noise cancellation interfaces, top-notch microphones, accessible charging stations and excellent battery backup. The wireless headsets will surely replace the wired ones very soon.

Livey’s Wireless headset connects via Bluetooth® or a USB-Dongle receiver. These Wireless headsets offer the full features of their wired counterparts and the freedom to move around & stretch while still using your headset.

To learn more about our wireless headsets https://livey.us/wireless-headsets/.

Choosing the Best Gaming Headphones

A gaming experience is entirely different from other entertainment and professional fields. The latest video games released have remarkable audiovisual features that only top-class machines can interpret and showcase. For instance, gamer needs headphones to transmit even the slightest sounds into the video game. Gaming headsets are convenient and are an all-in-one solution to your gaming audio requirements.

Hence, gaming headphones are appropriate, offering a handy and practical solution to any gaming audio requirements.

If you are an aspiring gamer, you will need the best-in-class headphone with a microphone for a PC. There is an excess of choices in the market, and not all of them are worth purchasing.

Here is what the expert gamers suggest you follow for choosing the right product.

A guide to finding the ultimate gaming headphones

There is an equation you need to understand.

A pair of gaming headphones = A pair of regular headphones + a separate top-notch microphone

You will find fascinating products sold online, but not all of them are trustworthy and not what you are looking for. Check these factors to choose the best gaming headphones for your entertainment.

1.                  Understand the difference between a pair of gaming headphones and headsets

As the name suggests, headphones will have a built-in microphone to talk with your teammates. On the other hand, gaming headsets will have a dedicated microphone.

2.                  Awesome detail for sound transmission

A videogame comes with brilliant sound features that a pair of headphones needs to interpret and transmit well. It all depends on the sound a gamer needs to catch and understand the terrain of a video game, along with the visual effects. It gives a complete gaming experience and increases the quality of a gamer’s performance.

Gaming headphones with complete detail on the macro and micro sounds created in the videogame interface get designed keeping this requirement in mind. The top brands in the market focus on the research and development part to develop such exclusive headphones for this purpose. Hence, it must have proper HIFI HD audio features to transmit the slightest of sounds to a gamer’s ears.

3.      Communication feature

Another feature to look into the top models of gaming headphones is the microphone. Gamers often involve in team activities to warm up for hours and play professional matches live or online. Apart from the sound quality and transmission features, a proper microphone setup is also required. Based on this requirement, gaming headphones must have a dedicated microphone built separately and attached to the headset pairs.

4.      Lightweight and ergonomic

Gamers spend hours in front of the screen, facing challenges to cross daunting levels. It means they will need a headphone with a microphone for a PC that is light in weight and set well on the head to offer comfort and convenience.

5.      Connectivity

The headphones can be wired or wireless with a Bluetooth interface. The latest models come with Bluetooth V5.3 to provide a hands-free wireless service without any sound transmission delay.

Final words

These five factors will help you find the right gaming headphones for your PC gaming experience. Search the infirmaries of the best headphone manufacturers for a remarkable gaming experience.  

For superior audio quality, fantastic price, and easy-to-use software, contact us at https://livey.us/contact/ with your specific needs.

Benefits of Using a Bluetooth Speakerphone for Your Office

This digital era is the new era of a hybrid work environment. Hence, Bluetooth speakers are gaining popularity and have become one of the most convenient ways for wireless connections to your smartphone, tablets, laptops and other devices. With innovations incorporated in the latest models, speakers have become speaker phones. They can be used as an entertainment appliance and for meetings and conferences. Furthermore, other modern features, including a hands-free experience, versatility and compatibility with other devices, make them famous, offering convenience to the users.

Let us discuss the benefits of using a Bluetooth Speakerphone.

Benefits of Bluetooth speakerphones

1.                  Easier to pair with the latest professional and personal devices

One of the prime benefits of using a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone is its exclusive software platform. It can easily be detected and connected with popular smart devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The newer models have an inbuilt operating system compatible with the latest unified communication platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Google Meet, GoTo meeting, etc. Take part in meeting discussions keeping your hands free and offering greater comfort. What’s more, controlling the speakerphone is relatively easy. They also have intuitive buttons for primary controls, including adjusting the volume.

2.                  Comes with Bluetooth V5.3

Another reason for using such a speakerphone is that the new model comes with Bluetooth V5.3, the latest in class. It can connect with devices within 5 meters of the range, offering an unhindered communication channel. It can be connected to multiple smart devices simultaneously, offering a relentless communication channel for conversations on any platform. Hence, there is no need to switch audio devices for connecting calls and attending meetings simultaneously.

3.                  USB connection

You can also connect such speakerphones to laptops and computers via USB Type-C cables. As mentioned earlier, the intelligent operating system of a modern speakerphone is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and other popular operating systems of computers.

4.                  Artificial Intelligence-based noise cancellation

The operating system of a Bluetooth Speakerphone comes with AI-based noise-cancellation features. Even if you are amidst the chaos, your voice will be transferred noise free to all the ends connected via a unified communication platform. The latest models also come with a 4 MEMS Microphone Array to catch your voice perfectly from anywhere within a 5 m radius of the meeting space.

5.                  Versatility

A Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone can work as a contact center voice assistant, open office calling device, online education speaker, etc. It can also be used as a personal collaboration device and a more-advanced microphone. It is easier to carry and integrate with the latest operating systems, unified communication platforms, web browsers, etc. Hence, it comes in a one-in-all small package.

6.                  High-definition voice communication

The latest models of these speakerphones come with a Dual-Core HIFI 4 DSP chip that reduces noise to the highest level and delivers voice appropriately for seamless communication. These models’ speakers are good enough to understand what an audience is saying.

In a nutshell

A small yet versatile Bluetooth Speakerphone is what you need to set up an office anywhere you want. With its easier-to-connect interface and exclusive hardware features, you will find the best-in-class communication device to make your work easier and entertainment better. 

Ditch the cords and feel the satisfying freedom of using advanced Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as Livey’s speaker phone, with AI-embedded noise cancellation. Get one now, and to know more, visit https://livey.us/.

Advantages of using Livey headset for call center

Gone are those days when headsets were cranky, fragile and messy. This digital era is the era of new wireless headsets that make professional contact center jobs much more accessible. Livey has brought you a plethora of exclusive call center headsets packed with remarkable features to suit your call center needs.

We understand our customers and their evolving specific business needs. Hence, we offer integrated solutions for call centers with a passion for innovation & inspiring technologies with a mission to make our customer’s day-to-day activities an absolute success!

Here is the list of advantages you can add to your professional life with the best call center headset from Livey’s latest collection.

1.                  Comfort and convenience at their best

Taking calls or calling clients for hours must be comfortable and convenient. These two factors decide your professional output daily. The Splendor 710 BT Series headsets are what you need. Wield a headset from this series for hours and forget the discomfort. This series of headsets is designed by introducing ergonomic and lightweight features. Rest assured that your ears and head will not ache from wearing one for hours.

2.                  Smooth, soothing and high-quality sound transmission

 The headsets are designed to offer an exceptional stereo experience with an exclusive interface to transmit high-quality sound to both ends. The HIFI HD Audio interface provides seamless sound transmission for professional and entertainment purposes.

3.                  Artificial Intelligence (AI) for noise reduction

The latest models of headsets come with a brilliant hardware system backed with AI-powered noise reduction features. It offers the best experience for professional executives to receive and make calls in a busy call center. It is also ideal for professionals to make and receive calls on the go. The AI interface offers a brilliant acoustic experience and omits all kinds of noise to emphasize the speaker’s voice correctly.

4.                  Best-in-class Bluetooth

The best call center headset from Livey comes with top-notch Bluetooth V5.1 technology that allows a caller to stay connected with a PC, laptop, tablet or any smart device within a 30-m radius. Hence, there will be no interruption in the calls as this modern technology will keep the headset connected with the concerned devices and provide a smooth transmission of sounds through conventional barriers. You will enjoy proper mobility without sacrificing audio quality as an advantage for your professional life.

5.                  Easier to integrate with multiple devices

You can easily connect the best-in-class headsets to the latest smart devices. They are compatible with the conventional operating systems and browsers used in call center offices. The headsets can perfectly integrate their features with the management software platforms used in contact centers.

You can also connect these headsets with more than one smart device simultaneously. Switching headsets or devices is unnecessary for communicating with multiple people on the call. Only one headset connected to various devices will do the trick.

Best headset for best calls

Add these top advantages of using the best call center headset from the house of Livey. These durable and elegant headsets will be the backbone of your professional setup. Enjoy crystal-clear communication with clients and add more value to your brand image.

Managing your contact center operations is easy and efficient with LIVEY headset solutions! Visit https://livey.us/contact-center-headsets/ to know more about our integrated headset solutions.

A Guide to Upgrading Your Headphones

In today’s digital landscape, headphones are designed to perform their function related to different work activities. Also, the advancement in the hybrid professional world, where you can work from anywhere without hampering your productivity, needs a proper hardware setup for relentless communication. Noise cancellation is becoming more critical to many customers desiring to upgrade their headphones.

In this aspect, a good internet connection and a pair of modern ergonomic headphone become mandatory. The things to keep in mind when selecting a new set of headphones are sound quality, fit and your specific need of how you will use them

A pair of headsets is a crucial part of conducting business operations, whether you work at home or in an office. The functioning and capabilities of a headset determine the level of communication and completion of tasks. Hence, it is time to upgrade to the high-tech enterprise solutions provided by the top brands and make your communication barrier-free.

Expert headphone guide

Forget the old ones you have been struggling with and follow this guide to understand what you need for your business operations.

1.                  What do you need?

It is obvious to find out the specific requirement of a headset. If you want a headset to work in a busy workplace or shared office space, noise cancellation is a must-have feature. Wireless will be the prime choice if you do business on the go. Hence, focus on the needs and then start scouting the top options available in the market.

2.                  Scout type of headphones

The brands manufacturing headphones deliver the best designs by understanding current consumer needs. For instance, headsets made for the contact centers, customer care support team, etc., will need crystal clear transmission, ergonomic features for better compatibility, and hands-free features for a more effortless handling experience and comfort.

In the same context, headsets for entrepreneurs and professionals should be sleek, easy to integrate with the latest smart devices, multitasking, and must have high-quality hardware for noise reduction, clean transmission, etc.

Understand your needs first and check the infirmary of the top headset manufacturing brands for better and specific solutions.

3.                  Features of headphones

Shortlist a few products and scout the features. Compare these features, and you will find a suitable pair of headsets for professional purposes. The leading headset models must have Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity for wireless versions offering 30 m relentless transmission, Artificial Intelligence-induced hardware for the best noise cancellation, built-in acoustic features, easy integration, and charging options.

These latest features allow you to connect with contemporary digital meeting and conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and unified communication platforms.

4.                  Wired or wireless?

Decide whether you want a wireless experience or a wired one. Wired headsets will not need any charging. On the other hand, wireless ones must have good battery support and a higher standby time.

5.                  Multipoint pairing

Another factor to look into is multipoint pairing. It is a Bluetooth feature that allows your headset to connect with two devices simultaneously. It will enable you to integrate your headset with intelligent machines and provide a seamless unified communication channel.

Uninterrupted, seamless communication waits!

Focus on these points and check the best-in-class professional headphones.

Keep your requirements in mind and choose the top products from leading brands to compare and choose. Get innovative, integrated headphone solutions aligned with your specific needs.   

To learn more about unified communication devices and voice solutions, visit https://livey.us/.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Headsets with Noise Cancelling Microphone

A good pair of headsets can make a huge difference. You will need the right audio and microphone setup when it is all about professional communications such as meetings, Call-center communications, conferences or one-to-one conversations. The latest noise-cancelling headsets with good audio and microphone hardware can fit well.

So how do you pick the best noise-cancelling headsets for you?

Here is a list of tips you need to focus on to find the best headsets with noise cancelling microphones.

Expert tips for finding noise-cancelling headsets

1. What do you want the headset for?

Regarding professional work, you will need a pair of headsets to offer a relentless communication channel with clients and customers. Define what kind of conversation you want to do and the environment you will primarily work in. It will help you define the right set of headsets. Consider comfort as a crucial factor in finding ergonomic headsets.

2. Wired or wireless?

This era is the era of wireless headsets that offer the highest convenience and flexibility to make calls from anywhere within a defined range. Wireless headsets must have the correct interface wielding Bluetooth V5.1 or more increased to connect with the latest smart devices without any hassle.

Make sure the range of connectivity is higher and offers low latency features so that you can communicate with a professional or an audience without lags. The latest Bluetooth V5.1 or higher versions offer a 30-meter radius of seamless connectivity and transmission distance.

3. Connecting with multiple devices

A busy day at work means switching from one device to the other. What if you don’t have to change headsets and can use only one device to connect with multiple smart devices? An electronic blessing, we all need. The top designs of headsets with noise-cancelling microphones from the best brands offer such remarkable features that you can connect multiple devices simultaneously and make your work easier. There is no need to switch from one device to the other. Rely on the software interface of the headsets and add more convenience.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed noise reduction

You will be surprised that the latest professional headsets have an AI-based electronic platform that can reduce or cancel noise from the background. Look for such latest models to work on the go. You can effciently work in a co-working space or shared offices without compromising the quality of audio transmitted to the other side and the acoustic experience.

5. High-definition calls

Make sure the model of headsets you choose can transmit high-definition calls without compromising the quality. A modern headset should have the lowest latency rate and offer a lag-free channel connected to unified communication (UC) platforms you use regularly.

Smooth communication with no compromise

By following these tips, find the most efficient and cost-effective headsets with noise-cancelling microphone. Make sure the model you choose can be easily incorporated or linked with the UC platforms, web browsers, and operating systems installed in the intelligent devices.

Get Livey headsets for your office Enterprise, contact center, home office, and students and make your day-to-day activities a real success.
To know more, click here: https://livey.us/.
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